Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The power of exponential income

How do you earn your income? If you are an employee, you’re just earning a linear income, meaning your income depends on the time you spend for your work. This is a limited income. You are doing 100% of yourself. If you won’t work, no money flowing in your pocket.

For example, if you are earning Php 80 pesos per hour and work for a maximum of 160 hours per month will give you a maximum income of Php 12,000 pesos per month or Php 144,000 per year. Well, having this income is not bad for a single and a middle class person. But, why put a ceiling of your earning power where you can earn more than that?

However, if you use the power of exponential income, or when you multiply yourself and time, you could earn five to hundred times more in that same twenty-four hour period. Having an exponential income is just like having the combination of a linear, residual, leverage, and passive income. Having this income is the difference between the poor and the rich. The poor or the middle class contented only on having a linear income while the rich is always duplicating their self and time. This explains why rich people can make 100 times more money within 24 hours than the poor.

Many people have the perception that only rich people can duplicate their self or earn exponential income because of their businesses. This is absolutely not! They are just applying the law of leverage to gain exponential income.

You can have an exponential income whatever professions whether you are a doctor, a teacher, a garbage collector, a software programmer, et cetera for as long as you know and appreciate the power of duplication.

For example, like the business tycoons like Henry Sy, Lucio Tan, John Gokongwei, they are applying the power of duplication by expanding their business nationwide and by employing thousands of people thus giving them an exponential income.

If you think you need a big amount of capital in order to have a business that will give you an exponential income, well, it is not true. You can consider being involved in a legitimate networking company. This will give you an opportunity to maximize your income through the use of internet. You can reach people anywhere in the globe and be part of your group. Therefore, if happens that even if you’re not working or sleeping, you still earning money because the people under your group is working for you, because if they earn, you will also earn. That’s the power of leverage.

So, now you know how great is having an exponential income, do you still want to continue to put a ceiling of you earning power? It’s your choice.

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