Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Don't work smart, work hard

In order to have big income, we think of working hard so that we will earn the amount of income we desire.  But what I learned is that working hard is not good enough because if you work hard, this means you have to pay that with your time.  You have to work 100% of yourself, meaning, you didn’t leverage your time. Working hard may affect your life. You can’t enjoy life.

Why I said so?

 Because it might affect your health. You will be stressful because of the responsibilities especially for those holding high positions and risks. Your time will be consumed and therefore, will lessen your time with your family and friends. In short, you cannot enjoy the fruit of your hard work.

In achieving your goals, or if you really want to achieve financial freedom, you have to work smart. Working smart, not harder, is an age-old adage, and if you master the concept, your entire work life will be easier and productive.

Now, if you wonder how to work smart, you might consider the steps below to start with.

Be alert if there is an opportunity.

How will you read this “OPPORTUNITYISNOWHERE”.  You can read that as “Opportunity is no where” and   Opportunity is now here”. So, how can you distinguish for the right opportunity? If you are not alert, you might miss the opportunity. Sometimes people missed an opportunity because they won’t try especially if it involves money. They are afraid of losing money. What if the opportunity is not true? But in a positive side, what if this is really an opportunity? Hmmm…. Think, think, think…

Think as an entrepreneur.

If you think you have capacity of being an entrepreneur, then start a small business while you are working. You can hire people to work for you and leverage your resources through them. You can delegates a certain tasks to them; thus, you multiply yourself and time. Another option is that, being involved in a multilevel marketing. An MLM company offers a very affordable capital to start a business that gives you an unlimited income. You can directly sell the products and gain profits, and/or introduce the business to two of your friends which is the minimum requirement and earn a commission, teach them to introduce also the business to their friends and so on and so forth. The company will give you a commission even you are not the introducing the business for as long as under your network. So even you are working or sleeping, the people under your network will work for you. That’s leveraging, the tactics of business taipans and taicons.

Be financially intelligent.

If you are financially literate, you would determine asset and liabilities. You would acquire things that would put money to your pocket and not the other way around. You can prevent buying things that a “poor and middle class” person thinks it is an asset which is actually a liability.

Work for passive income.

While you have a job, you can eventually working for a passive income, meaning you will eventually letting your money work for you. As time passes, this passive income grows. If you have extra money, you can invest it to time deposits, mutual funds, uitf, stock, bonds, treasury bills/bonds. These investment instruments will give you a passive income over time. You may also consider being involved in a multilevel marketing company.

So, if you working smart, you are actually changing your quadrants from either an Employee and/or Self-employed to either Big business owner and/or Investor of the Cash flow quadrant.

So, enjoy life! You can work hard BUT work smarter. J

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