Monday, June 6, 2011

My financial story

After my graduation in college, the only thing that inside in my mind is to look for a job.  Nothing else. Of course, for fresh graduates, that’s the only thing that comes in their mind, including me, right? Why is it so? Because the only thing teaches by the school (even our parents) is to become an employee, that after graduation, we should look for a job.  We are trained to become an employee. They enhance our skills and intelligence in the preparation for being employee. We are told to have good grades so that after graduation, we will land a good job with higher salary. And if that happens, we’ll be having a comfortable life and plenty of money. Well, good for those who have achieve this one.

For those graduates who already knows on how to handle their money, good for them especially for those students taking up business or management course. But of course, not all of those students taking business related course and management; know already on how to grow their money. There are still graduates of this course who are illiterate in managing money.

In my part, I land on a minimum paying job. Well, having a minimum wage is not enough especially for married people, lucky I am not. J During those days, I didn’t complain yet that I got a job with minimum wage since that was my first job. I was just happy that even if I am receiving a very low salary, I still able to send an allowance to my  sister who are  still in college good for two weeks and remaining is my allowance just enough to reach the next payday. (Feeling comfortable enough coz my mother won’t bother anymore in giving allowance to my sister.) This is the life of being an employee – living from payday-to-payday.

After a few months working on that company, an opportunity comes.

What was that?
Well, that will be discussed to my second post. J

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